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Thank you for your dedication to Exceptional Education for all students.

Many schools struggle to provide high-quality special education programming due to poor teacher retention and recruitment, lack of resources and funding, or lack of expertise. The Collaborative offers services  including virtual and in person trainings, as well as onsite teacher and leader development which will support schools in developing and retaining their teachers, while simultaneously advocating and collaborating with district, state, and national organizations. This will create a systemic change for our students with diverse needs in struggling schools.

After reviewing the results of the Needs Assessment the Core Design Team developed school and district offerings which are meant to aid development of teacher and leader capacity, while also working to retain our teachers and leaders who are currently already practicing in the field. These include:

  • Virtual and in-person trainings and workshops
  • Onsite coaching and assessment of programming
  • In-person Special Education leader gatherings
  • Year-long trainings and cohorts for new and experienced teachers and leaders
  • Access to online resources and online/phone consultation
  • Access to a district/school liaison


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Consulting & Coaching

Any evaluation, mentoring, compliance assessment or service that furthers exceptionalness and equity is what we will do.


The Collaborative works in Colorado at the state legislature to support, defend, and champion the needs of exceptional learners and schools who are challenged to meet students' needs.


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Many schools and organizations know exactly what the problems are in serving their special needs students. Many others don't know what they need. In either case the Collaborative can serve you through a simple diagnostic conversation. Call us and you may find we have already met needs like yours.

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